Forgot to post yesterday

Yesterday I meant to post on the blog, but ended up getting distracted. My apologies, I'm not going to lie I have a bad habit of procrastination. Trust me I've been working on myself, trying to follow through more with goals I set for down the road. Another problem I seem to put in front of me is spreading myself too thin. Thinking too far ahead and expecting my plans to work out in a certain order, trial & error needs to be acceptable. Leeway is important and this blog is not only a way for me to express emotion, but it is also going to help maintain some sort of order, schedule, whatever. Obviously the more you do something the better you get, so we are on the road to somewhere. Just need to continue with the path in place.

I have to say I thought sitting down writing a blog would be a bit more difficult. Well I mean not so much the writing than keeping time. Once you place yourself in front of a blank page, have a coffee (maybe a spliff for inspiration) the words just flow. They pour on to the page and don't be worried what it sounds like the first time you put it down on paper or type it up. Writing is meant to be a process, processes are open for adjustments. This is not something I'm just writing to the folks that view my page, but to myself as well. It's a reminder and an example that can be applied to pretty much everything in life. That example is everything can be worked on.

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