Hello and Good Morning

How's everyone doing today? well first off as everyone can see, I have made some updates to this page. Over the next few week changes will continue. So that the feel of the page not only suits myself, but that of the blog. Second the banners below are links to some "Cryptocurrency" pages that I prefer and that I also use myself. 

Two of the banners "Eobot" and "Minergate" are free pages with payable options. These are for the people who are not really sure what "Cryptocurrency" is and would like to take advantage of acquiring some Free Coin. "Genesis Mining" however I would suggest to the people who have a little more "Crypto" background and would like to reinvest their profits. these are my affiliate links and it would be helping me out by clicking the banners and signing up to the sites. 

Please do your research before investing in ANY "Cryptocurrency" website, As it is best to make an informed decision. This is more an update than a post and hopefully i will have more topic as well as a schedule down the road. until next time folks and thanks for reading!

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