My Top 5 List of Crypto Websites

There are many opinions out there when it comes to cryptocurrency and everyone is entitled to their own. I have decided to put together a Top Five List of Crypto websites and why I prefer them. There are several things I look for when choosing a website whether its an Exchange, Cloud Mining or a Wallet. Some of the first things I look for is Good & Bad reviews on the website. The bad reviews are just as important as the good, they can tell you what is not working on the website or whether it is even working at all. Not all bad reviews should be took in at face value, most of the problems that cause these reviews are bugs that the host of the page is yet to patch. but too many "Good" reviews can be a bad thing as well. A website that nothing but good things said about it in the comments, with little bad review, could mean that it is being promoted by bots. But I digress from that topic at hand, maybe in my future posts I will write about what are the several things I look for when choosing cryptocurrencys, websites, etc. so lets get into it by starting with number five.

Just because Eobot is number five does not mean it is at the bottom of my list. I have been using Eobot for 3-4 years now, it is one of the websites where I first started to learn about cryptocurrency.
I consider eobot to be an all-in-one, it has cloud mining, an exchange, free faucet and a live chat to speak with other users on the site if you have any questions. Eobot has more features to it than the four mentioned above, too find out what these features are just click the link above or the banner on my page to be redirected.

Genesis mining is another website that I have been using for 2-3 years now. I had to send in some support tickets and they haven't always been answered on time. This was around the same time when bitcoin was reaching prices around $22,000, so the demand on Genesis mining was high. With a price increase like that I can understand the delay. Regardless my contracts I have with them are still being honoured to this day.

Waves platform is a decentralized exchange and a platform where you can create your own token.
I have created a token on this platform called VERSE and yes it is all caps. More needs to be done with VERSE and I would like to create a community around this token. It was very cost effective to set up my own token and I will continue to use this platform.

Minergate was another website I found sometime ago that was free when I first started with crypto. You can download a free mining application on your PC or mobile device (as long as it Android). Minergate also have cloud mining contracts with minergate which i have had no trouble. Minergate also has Freewallet linked to the site so your withdrawals are simple and fast.

Steemit is a Social Media Platform where users can give a post value by up-voting. Steemit is free to use and I would suggest it to anyone who likes blogging or just posting on social media in general. I believe that steemit will grow with the word-to-mouth it receives from existing & new users. Having an account will be beneficial in the long run in my opinion.

This is just a list of my own and not the views of of anyone else. most of the websites on this list are free and there is no need to invest. For those interested in Cloud Mining contracts please invest at your own risk. I am not responsible for losses and the decision to buy these contracts are your own.
please do your own research before buying any contract and make sure it is with in your budget. thank you to the people who took the time to read this and I will see you next time.


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