What is HyperDragons?

"HyperDragons is a competitive fighting game powered by blockchain technology, While the game allows users to collect, breed, and trade digital dragons by generating smart contracts on blockchain, it emphasizes on fun and sustainable gameplay and opens up a fantastic battlefield on blockchain, giving players a hybrid experience of fun gaming and digital asset accumulation."

Your Connection to Crypto

"Hilo is a Social Network for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and newcomers where you can research, follow along, and interact with friends and influencers. On the Hilo platform your sensitive data will be owned and controlled by you."


"Trading is more fun with with friends. Invite some friends to DDEX and you will both get $5 of wrapped Ethereum (WETH) when your friend buy or sell at least 0.5 ETH worth of tokens on DDEX."

"Your time and passion will become assets."

"My Crypto Heroes (MCH) -where your time and passion will become your assets. Get great extensions and Land through collecting/training historical Heroes!"

Undecided (Part Two)

The lights changed, traffic stopped and Tyler made his way across the street. thinking to himself “man what should I do”. He remembered that he had a blunt tucked away in his ear. So knowing that he decided to walk over to the waterfront properties with the intention of sitting down, sparking up and relax by the river. He sat with his elbows on his knees and his head down so they could smoke discreetly. Not noticing the woman approaching him to his left, she seen him and stopped. She said it's a little early to be smoking that isn't it?”. Tyler replied “well my day just freed up so I figured why not” looking up at her as he spoke. He took a minute to admire her. She dressed with class, like she worked in an office. She had dark long hair tied back in a ponytail and just enough makeup to compliment her natural beauty. She replied “so this is what you decide to do with your time?” as she walked over and sat on the bench beside him.
He put the blunt out on the bench as she sat down. “oh you don't have to do that to me.” she said. Tyler replied “well you look like you're doing something today and I don't think you would want to smell like weed. She laughed and replied “no it's okay don't worry about it“ there was a small moment of silence and then Tyler asked “what brings you over here this morning?” the woman replied “I like to walk this way before work, it’s very calming and I like To take in the nature”. Tyler replied “Yeah I understand that's actually why I came over here as well. That and I wanted to smoke my weed in peace.” The woman stood up and said “well I'll leave you to it then” Tyler quickly stood as well and said “ I wasn't saying you had to leave, I was just saying that that's why I came here.”
The woman replied with a laugh “no it's fine I have to go to work anyways” and she started to walk in the other direction. Tyler continued to stand there for a minute and watched their walk up the path a bit. Since he was high it took him a minute to Yell out “Wait, didn't even get your name.” She turned around and continued to walk backwards as she replied with a smile “that's because you didn't even ask” Then she turned around and continue to walk in the other direction. Tyler sighed slightly then sat back down on the bench and lit his blunt back up. He took one puff and then he said to himself “what the fuck am I doing?” Tyler jumped up and started sprinting in her direction. He continued to run up the pathways until he came up to a crosswalk. but she was nowhere in sight. he said out loud ”Shit! Well maybe I'll run into her again later today. Little did he know that's exactly what would happen...

Undecided (To Be Continued)

Beep... beep… Beep... The alarm clock was screeching at 4: 30 am. A restless body turns and swings its arm to slam the snooze button on the end table. Taking a couple of minutes to finally hoist himself up just to sit on the edge of the bed. Looking down the hall he can see the Gloom of the steel toe boots waiting for him by the front door. Looking to his right on the end table, he sees a couple of choices to how he will start his day. His phone with several missed messages a bottle of multivitamins and a pre-rolled blunt next to another an ashtray full of roaches. He stared at them for a couple of minutes deciding what he wanted to do.
Thinking to himself “maybe I should call in today”. “Rent is paid and I can afford to miss a day, but I did have my eye on a few things at the mall and I could use the money for that. I hate this fucking job though and I don’t feel like being there today” he said to himself. The decision lingered in his mind, but overall he decided he would go to work. grabbing the bottle of vitamins as he stood up, he slowly made his way to the kitchen to grab some water. He dragged himself into each room, he had no interest of going into work but still proceeded to get ready. Once finished, he made his way back to his room so he could grab his cell phone and a blunt for later. As he grabbed his phone, his fingers lightly tapped the blunt beside it, making it roll off of the end table and under the bed.
“Shit!!” He said. dropping his phone back on the end table, he dropped quickly to the ground. He laid on his side scanning under his bed. With his right hand, he pushed his way through all the junk in unwashed laundry. he thought to himself “I need to clean my fucking room”. After ravaging through his clothes a bit, he found his blunt covered in dust and old hair. Since he was already on his way out the door, he dusted it off quickly, tucked it in his ear then made his way too and out the front door. Closing the door behind him, he turned around to make sure to lock up, then proceeded to walk over to the bus stop. Approaching the bus stop was unoccupied, the inside was littered with coffee cups and old newspapers.
He leaned down to brush off the dirty garbage on the seat inside the bus stop and sat down. He pressed his boots against the glass of the shelter as he sat there. He started to fantasize about his future, about being a millionaire. “what he could do with the money if he won the lottery. “Man if I had that money I would buy a house, I'd travel and i would smoke weed all fucking day”. Just as his imagination started to run wild, the bus pulled up and pushed those fantasies out of his head. He exited the stop and walked up to the bus doors as they opened. He settled in with the rest of the people on their commute and rode the bus to the train station. Once there he got on the train and he took it all the way down-town. He had to work his way through the crowd of people pressed shoulder to shoulder on the train to get off. Successfully exiting the train on to the platform. He was welcomed to the view of a couple of heavily boozed up homeless men scraping it out on the platform. He took a minute to stare, trying to understand why they were fighting in the first place.
Both of them slurred when they talked and stumbled around as they tried to throw Hay-makers at each other. “ I'm wasting my time” he thought to himself while he turned and started to walk to his destination. He could still hear the homeless men yelling at each other as he made his way off the platform to cross the street. Several blocks later he approached his job site only to run into the foreman who immediately stopped and asked them. “The fuck are you doing here, Tyler?”said his foreman. “what do you mean I'm here to work” Tyler replied. “ I sent you a text telling you not to come in but since you are here, you're fired!” Tyler rolled his eyes, said “Whatever” and turned to walk in the other direction “ what you're not going to ask me why?” Yelled the Foreman. Tyler replied “I could give two shits to be honest with you. I don't like you or this job. Oh and make sure you pay me my fucking severance”. Tyler said aggressively. His boss continued to yell stuff at him as he walked off, but Tyler already tuned out to what he was saying. Tyler approached the cross-walk then there to wait and as he waited for the lights to change he thought “Now that my day is free what can I do with my time?”