Undecided (Part Two)

The lights changed, traffic stopped and Tyler made his way across the street. thinking to himself “man what should I do”. He remembered that he had a blunt tucked away in his ear. So knowing that he decided to walk over to the waterfront properties with the intention of sitting down, sparking up and relax by the river. He sat with his elbows on his knees and his head down so they could smoke discreetly. Not noticing the woman approaching him to his left, she seen him and stopped. She said it's a little early to be smoking that isn't it?”. Tyler replied “well my day just freed up so I figured why not” looking up at her as he spoke. He took a minute to admire her. She dressed with class, like she worked in an office. She had dark long hair tied back in a ponytail and just enough makeup to compliment her natural beauty. She replied “so this is what you decide to do with your time?” as she walked over and sat on the bench beside him.
He put the blunt out on the bench as she sat down. “oh you don't have to do that to me.” she said. Tyler replied “well you look like you're doing something today and I don't think you would want to smell like weed. She laughed and replied “no it's okay don't worry about it“ there was a small moment of silence and then Tyler asked “what brings you over here this morning?” the woman replied “I like to walk this way before work, it’s very calming and I like To take in the nature”. Tyler replied “Yeah I understand that's actually why I came over here as well. That and I wanted to smoke my weed in peace.” The woman stood up and said “well I'll leave you to it then” Tyler quickly stood as well and said “ I wasn't saying you had to leave, I was just saying that that's why I came here.”
The woman replied with a laugh “no it's fine I have to go to work anyways” and she started to walk in the other direction. Tyler continued to stand there for a minute and watched their walk up the path a bit. Since he was high it took him a minute to Yell out “Wait, didn't even get your name.” She turned around and continued to walk backwards as she replied with a smile “that's because you didn't even ask” Then she turned around and continue to walk in the other direction. Tyler sighed slightly then sat back down on the bench and lit his blunt back up. He took one puff and then he said to himself “what the fuck am I doing?” Tyler jumped up and started sprinting in her direction. He continued to run up the pathways until he came up to a crosswalk. but she was nowhere in sight. he said out loud ”Shit! Well maybe I'll run into her again later today. Little did he know that's exactly what would happen...

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