What is HyperDragons?

"HyperDragons is a competitive fighting game powered by blockchain technology, While the game allows users to collect, breed, and trade digital dragons by generating smart contracts on blockchain, it emphasizes on fun and sustainable gameplay and opens up a fantastic battlefield on blockchain, giving players a hybrid experience of fun gaming and digital asset accumulation."

Your Connection to Crypto

"Hilo is a Social Network for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and newcomers where you can research, follow along, and interact with friends and influencers. On the Hilo platform your sensitive data will be owned and controlled by you."


"Trading is more fun with with friends. Invite some friends to DDEX and you will both get $5 of wrapped Ethereum (WETH) when your friend buy or sell at least 0.5 ETH worth of tokens on DDEX."

"Your time and passion will become assets."

"My Crypto Heroes (MCH) -where your time and passion will become your assets. Get great extensions and Land through collecting/training historical Heroes!"